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Citrus Magic ZenScents Aromatherapy Solid Air Freshener, 7.0-Ounce

New from Citrus Magic, Citrus Magic ZenScents! Citrus Magic ZenScents are not your run of the mill solid air freshener. Citrus Magic ZenScents are a balanced and calming collection of fragrances designed to calm the mind and spirit while freshening the home with clean, essential oil-based aromatherapy fragrances. Each of the five differently-fragranced 7 oz. solids creates an atmosphere catered to your desire as it eliminates odors from the air. Designed to last 6-8 weeks, Citrus Magic ZenScents freshens the air as it alleviates stress and relaxes your mind. Create your Zen!
  • Curated Essential oil-based fragrances providing continuous odor elimination
  • Great anywhere in the house - kitchen, bathroom, home office, reading nooks, sitting areas, laundry rooms, closets, and more
  • Removes odors for up to 8 weeks
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